Enhance Lighting Options With 2X2 Troffers

Finding the best type of lighting for an office space, either in the home or commercial building is always a problem. There is the need to balance the quality of light with the cost of installation and maintenance, including the cost of replacement bulbs.

It is also important to consider the energy costs of operating these types of lights, which can be substantial for either a home office or a small or large commercial building. Sometimes, the offset of the initially higher price of the unit is in the long life of the bulbs and the low energy use that saves money over the years.

The Solution

A solution to this balancing and selection challenge is found in 2X2 LED Troffers. These lights are stylish, fit into standard ceiling panels for easy installation in new or existing buildings and offer some of the best quality of light for office environments.

Troffers are different than standard linear fluorescent lights. These types of lights are often in parabolic types of fixtures to reduce the glare of the lights on computer screens. This shape does result in shadows throughout the room and particularly on walls near the ceiling.

The Benefits

The use of 2X2 LED Troffers eliminates this shadowing effect and provides uniform light throughout the area. The use of the LED light also provides a natural, white light that is very easy on the eyes and prevents the glare on computer screens that is often an issue with other traditional types of office lighting.

The use of 2X2 LED Troffers extends past offices. They are also used in educational settings as well as industrial facilities. They are a cooler type of light, eliminating hot spots and preventing shadows, making any room brighter and more effective for any work.

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