Emergency Care Veterinarians in Oregon

Veterinarians in Oregon are a dedicated group of animal lovers who want to make certain that every domesticated animal lives a life as happy and free of pain and illness as possible. To accomplish this they offer many types of medical care, often using procedures and equipment as innovative and advanced as what is available to humans. One of the most important parts of keeping a pet safe and happy is knowing where to get emergency care. This is something that many pet owners never even consider until they suddenly need it.

It can be as difficult to decide when a pet must have help immediately as it is with a small child. When someone cannot communicate effectively, it can be easy to misjudge certain signals or to worry about being overly paranoid. However, veterinarians, and probably pets, would prefer everyone err on the side of caution.

With clinics like WestVet Oregon pet owners have a 24-hour source of emergency medical care. Examples of when to immediately seek help for a pet include when the animal has received any kind of traumatic injury. A torn paw pad, a bite from another animal or when the trauma has caused swelling of any kind should have immediate treatment. Pets who are suddenly non-responsive, too weak to stand or have rapid or shallow breathing are also emergency cases.

A visit to an ER is also advised if a pet has been recently under the care and are showing signs of infection or side effects to any medication or vaccination. A suspected poisoning needs immediate help. A distended abdomen, a sign of possibly either bloat or an obstruction, must be diagnosed and treated quickly. Excessive coughing or dry-heaving, or any movements or sounds that indicate pain also good indications help is needed.

At westvet.net they offer a full range of emergency services that are designed to save lives and help pets feel better as soon as possible. This includes a critical care unit with complete lab testing, x-ray technology and more. Once the pet is stabilized, they have a team of Veterinarians in Oregon that includes skilled surgeons, internal specialists and ophthalmologists, among many other professionals, available to provide everything an unwell pet could ever need.

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