Elements To Consider With Pre Planning Funeral Services

Now that the decision is made to spend some time on Pre Planning Funeral Services, there is the matter of determining what sort of things can be planned in advance and what can be left for loved ones to manage when the time comes. There are plenty of details that the funeral director can help the client work out in advance. Here are some of the more important issues to address now.

Burial or Cremation?

Deciding between burial and cremation is one of the first points to ponder with Pre Planning Funeral Services. This is because the client must decide how the elements of the service will go along with that choice. For example, it may be a good idea to arrange for the cremation after the memorial service takes place. This allows loved ones the opportunity to view the body and say their goodbyes. When the plan is for burial, the client may prefer a graveside service versus one at the funeral home or a house of worship. Determining what is to be done with the body and when will go a long way toward helping plan the elements of the service.

The Order for the Service

One of the benefits of planning a funeral service in advance is that the client can determine which elements to include. If the individual is part of a faith that has specific rites related to memorial services, those elements can be part of the arrangements. For those who would prefer to take a different approach, it is possible to work with a funeral director to arrange for certain readings to be presented and for specific music to be used before, during, and after the service. In lieu of a formal eulogy, the individual may prefer for loved ones to have time to share their thoughts with one another.

For help with planning a funeral service in advance, turn to the professionals at Leppert Mortuary & Crematory Services today. They can go over each of the details, starting with the obituary and going all the way through to the closing words or hymn of the service. Keep in mind that once the basic plan is in place, there is always the option of amending it at a later date. You can also like them on Facebook for more updates.

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