Elastomeric Roof Coatings Can Extend the Life of Your Roof

There are many kinds of roof coatings on the market. One of the most popular is elastomeric coating. When applied, this rubberized coating forms a seamless membrane that protects the roof from water, and resists cracking and peeling.

Long Lasting Roofing Solution
One of the many advantages of elastometic roof coatings is that they last. These liquid coatings are durable and will prolong the life of an existing roof. That’s why many industries choose to have elastomeric coating applied over their existing roofs. Whether their roof is metal, BUR, cement or EPDM, an elastomeric coating has excellent adhesion and can often continue to reflect the sun’s powerful rays, years after it is applied.

Goes on Smooth and Seamless
Elastomeric roof coatings create a uniform, seamless surfaces that remain flexible even at low temperatures. This type of coating expands and contracts with changing weather conditions, protecting a roof’s surface from the sun’s damaging rays. This enables the coating to handle the continuous thermal stresses over the lifetime of the roof. Its adhesion characteristics enable the coating to remain attached to the roof in wet or extremely windy conditions. Such a coating employs the technology (to resist dirt pick-up) that helps maintain energy-saving reflectance qualities, as well as a bright, clean appearance.

When applied to an existing roof, elastomeric coating adds no additional weight to the roof. It creates a seamless cover, and there’s no need for a building owner to dispose of the roof that is already there. Elastomeric can be applied directly on top.

Benefits of Elastomeric Coating

* Expands and contracts as needed during temperature changes, while keeping water out and protecting the surface of the roof

* Flexible and tough

* Resists cracks and peeling

* Reflects the sun’s heat, keeping the roof’s surface cool

* Reduces interior temperature and cooling costs

* It can be applied over metal, BUR, cement or EPDM

* Ideal for both residential and commercial roofs

* Environmentally friendly, water-based, non-toxic

* Effective roof coating at an affordable price

* Can be used to coat entire roofs or to repair roof leaks

* Long-lasting and extends the life of an existing roof

* Mildew-resistant

* Clean and aesthetically-pleasing

Since 1948, thermo manufacturing systems has been leading the roofing industry with state-of-the-art waterproofing and eco-friendly roofing solutions. They remain at the forefront of the industry with their innovative coatings and reflective roofing materials.

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