Easy Ways to Discover Female American Jazz Vocalists

4425157_lEven if your knowledge of female American jazz vocalists doesn’t extend past Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, it’s easy to become more educated about some of the contemporary artists who are skillfully carrying on the musical traditions established by those two ladies and others like them. Keep reading to learn how.


Keep Tabs on What Jazz Fans Like Through Social Media

Most of today’s successful musicians have recognized it’s much more possible to broaden a fanbase by having regularly updated social media profiles. One of the easiest ways to get introduced to new music is to follow a few social media pages that are frequented by jazz music enthusiasts. That can give you a heads up about female American jazz vocalists that are starting to create a buzz in the music industry well before they break into the mainstream.


Go to a Gig or Jazz Festival

Musicians greatly appreciate when people come to see them for the first time. Your favorite artists were once unknown to you, so don’t underestimate how worthwhile it can be to take a chance by deciding to spend a few evenings per month going to jazz festivals, or music venues that regularly welcome jazz musicians.


Your decision to be attentive and expand your musical horizons could help you feel more culturally educated, but also positively influence the female American jazz vocalists who work so hard to give engaging performances night after night.


Browse Online Music Stores and MP3 Sites for American Jazz Tracks

Besides giving you tips via social media, the Internet can be very helpful for offering information about new CDs that should be part of your music collection. Whether you choose to buy MP3 tracks or still like the traditional method of buying physical albums, websites that sell music have wide selections and often break their inventories down into genres so you can quickly find female American jazz vocalists that inspire your soul and delight your ears.


These are just a few ways you can research new vocalists in the jazz genre and freshen up your music collection. Remember, sometimes the most talented artists are ones you haven’t heard of yet. Your desire to find new artists to support could stimulate your local music scene and help artists’ livelihoods.


A notable part of the music scene that’s made up of female American vocalists, Sylvia Brooks sings in the cabaret tradition but adds her own artistry for beautiful results. Visit Sylviabrooks.net to hear samples of her work and read reviews.

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