Earn CPE Credits with Ethics Courses

If you are continuing your accounting education and trying to earn credits for your licensure, then consider taking CPE Ethics courses. There are many different kinds of Ethics classes in which to choose. This allows you to invest in an ethics course that directly relates to your job. An ethics course that is more basic will cover ethics rules and the interpretation of them. Ethics in professions is an interesting subject that covers the AICPA code, in particular concerning the area of independence.


Ethics Topics in a Basic Course Include:

  • Common Complaints and Violations
  • Interpretations Concerning Independence Rules
  • Interpretations Concerning Contingent Fees and Commissions
  • Relevant Court Decisions


What You Can Expect in an Ethics Course


In most ethics classes there are going to be studies that are discussed. You may even learn about different professions and how they handle ethics cases in relation to the accounting industry. Cases will be compared and discussed in relation to ethics upheld by CPA code, as well. These types of courses are important considering the accounting industry deals with a lot of financial figures that are to be kept private concerning corporations and businesses and their financial well-being. CPE credits earned with an ethics class are all based on the regulations mandated per state. There is a certain percentage that must be earned concerning the final exam in order to earn credits and pass a course too. All of this information should always be available to students taking current courses.


Basic Learning Objectives of an Ethics Course


An ethics class on a basic level is going to outline the impact of services that are non-attest. It is important to understand the regulations and rules that pertain to Independence. The same holds true for general technical standards, regulations and rules. Through the course study, you should also expect to learn about the role of an attorney in society. Once this has been learned, you can expect to discuss the different impacts of various cases concerning the accounting profession. All of the information learned will relate to the accounting industry and any changes made to encompass new laws and regulations. Taking ethics courses is an affordable way to accrue valuable information while earning CPE credits for your current licensure. You can easily stop and start online courses so you study at your own pace, in your own time. There is no better way to make sure your licensure stays up to date as required, without disrupting your life.


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