Early Treatment of Orthodontic Problems Can Prevent a Variety of Oral Issues

People know early on in life the importance of receiving routine dental care from their primary dentist. A dentist will exam and clean their teeth to help prevent cavities and various oral conditions from occurring. What people do not realize, in addition to routine care it is important to see one of the orthodontists in Auburn, NY. An orthodontist is a dentist that has furthered their education to specialize in treating people that have problems with their teeth being improperly positioned. When teeth are misaligned or crooked, it can lead to an unfitting bite that can affect how they speak, eat, and can be painful for them.

Why You Should Consult with an Orthodontist

When a person suffers from a problem such as missing teeth, overbite, or protruding teeth they can lead to more severe problems later in life. By consulting at an early age with one of the orthodontists in Auburn, NY you can reduce the chance of your child’s mouth from being overcrowded. Braces can be used to realign the teeth into the correct position that can prevent problems with breathing, eating, or even speech impediments. If the issue is not caught early enough, the child can face the chance of requiring surgery or having teeth removed to help alleviate any pain the feel and fix their oral problem.

An Expert Can Find the Right Solution for You

For over 35 years, Littlejohn Orthodontics has provided high-quality work and friendly services to their patients. They use innovative methods to help solve their clients’ problems when it comes to an overcrowded or misaligned teeth. From oral surgery to Invisalign, they can help you find the right solution at an affordable price to fix oral problems you or a family may be experiencing.

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