Dog Kennels in Omaha NE Have Everything a Dog Needs

Sometimes it’s necessary to board the family dog for a vacation or other event where dogs aren’t allowed. It can be heart-wrenching to leave them behind, even if it’s just for an overnight. Dog Kennels in Omaha NE can relieve the separation anxiety for dogs and their owners by catering to every need the family pet has during a stay at the facility. The caring staff will make your dog feel completely at home, so the time away will be fun, instead of sad.

Pet Resort

A pet resort caters to dogs who have to be boarded while their owners are away. It can be as little as one night or several weeks at a time. Each dog has a climate controlled indoor kennel to sleep in, with a soft bed to lay on at night. There’s outdoor time to run and get plenty of exercise, while being supervised by the caring staff members. It’s a little bit of puppy paradise, so an owner doesn’t need to stress out about being away from each other.

Doggy Daycare

A pet resort also offers a doggy daycare for dogs who would otherwise spend a lot of time home alone. This is wonderful for owners who work long hours and can’t give their pets as much attention and exercise as they require. This can also be helpful for the dog who gets overly anxious when an owner has to go to work. With other dogs to play with, the time goes by quickly at the resort, and there’s no need to worry about torn up furniture, or accidents from staying inside too long.

Other Amenities

Training and grooming services are offered at the facility. Any dog can look like a show animal after being groomed with options that include bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, an anal gland check and a haircut. Training classes are also available to turn that unruly dog into a well-mannered pet. Training classes can be taken in a group, or through private instruction.

Dog Kennels in Omaha NE provide dogs with a safe place to run and play while being supervised by an animal-loving staff. If an emergency arises, there’s medical personnel who can assess the situation and implement care when it’s needed. For more information regarding what a pet resort has to offer, please visit

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