Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

Having a roof over our head is one of the defining factors in determining whether or not we feel safe and comfortable. However, while a roof is probably one of the most important things we can have, many of us neglect or downright ignore any roofing problems, since we don’t typically notice or think about it that much. However, over time, as with any material, your roof will need to undergo some repairs and upgrades. But how do you know if you just need a simple repair or if you have to get a whole new roof? Here are some indications.


Get Inspected

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and want to get your roof inspected for damage, then  R Brothers Restoration Company can come out with a licensed roofing contractor to assess any damage and let you know what your options are. When in doubt, call a pro.


Missing Shingles

If you look outside on your roof and notice that some shingles are missing, then it’s high time to get your roof repaired. Depending on the amount of missing shingles and the size of the affected area, you may need to get a whole new roof.


Curling or Damaged Shingles

Over time, weather can damage your roofing shingles to the point of decay and rot. If you notice that the majority of your shingles are looking worse for wear, then you may need to get a new roof installed.


Granules in the Gutter

A good indicator that your roof is in advanced stages of decay is if you notice granules in your gutter. While your shingles will shed these granules on a regular basis, if you start to see a significant pileup, it could be time to replace your whole roof.


Valleys and Buckling

The key to roofing is making sure that the surface stays as flat as possible. Thus, if you notice that your roof is bowing in any parts or collecting water and debris, then it could be time for a full upgrade. Any spots where water can pool on your roof will eventually lead to significant problems down the line.

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