Do You Think You Bought A Lemon Car?

If you bought a new car and it gives you nothing but problems it may be a lemon under the laws of your state. If it is a lemon you have the right to take legal action, you can get a new car or a refund of the money you paid but to do so you will need the assistance of a lemon law lawyer.

When you approach a lemon law lawyer you and he will be able to determine the best way to approach the problem and begin the process of solving it through the appropriate actions. It is of little value to try relying on the dealer, he is working to support his manufacturer principal. To protect your interests and not the interests of the dealer or manufacturer you really need to hire a skilled lawyer.

What can be done if you think you have a lemon?

If you have good reason to think that the new car you bought is a lemon there are things that you must do:

    *   Keep impeccable records; keep every repair works order and all receipts
    *    Always return the car to the dealer, in this way your records and the dealers will both support your case
    *    Always talk to a lawyer, even if you are not sure yet if the car is a lemon or not

Why should you hire a lemon law lawyer?

A lemon law lawyer focuses on this area of law, he or she knows the law as applies in your state; you can find out what your rights are under the law and take immediate action to protect them. There is no concern on your part that you can’t afford a lawyer, you can. The laws of every state are written in such a way that the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for all legal fees, your lawyer can bring the law to bear without any concern on your part; his responsibility is seeing to it that you are adequately compensated for the manufacturer’s error.

The Lemon laws vary from state to state, if you need a Lemon Law Lawyer that is intimate with the law in your state find him or her by visiting the web site of Lemon Law America. For more details visit

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