Do You Regularly Print Out Computer Files?

Most of us these days have computers at home and many of us also use them regularly at our place of work. This widespread use of computers has often been cited as leading to a “paperless” society. Not only has the storage capacity of all personal computers (be they lap or desktop type) risen to giant sizes, but, we also have the recent introduction of free cloud storage. Surely, we could simply keep everything in digital format and view the files on our screens whenever we wished. With the growing use of smart phones and tablets, we can also view these files wherever we wish. So, why is it that we still seem over fond of our paper hard copies?

Hard Copies Not Only Need Paper, They Also Require Ink

This fondness for paper also means that most computer owners – be they private individuals or companies – also own at least one printer. Basic printers are very affordable (especially the “bubble jet type) so they become an almost “must have” peripheral. Then, of course, once we have one, we must buy some paper and get printing on it. Surprise – we get a message flashed on our screen telling us that our printer is low on (or even out of) ink and we cannot print anymore.

Surely It Is Easy Enough To Buy New Ink?

It is as easy to buy replenishment ink as it is to buy the printer. However, there is a school of thought that sincerely believes that the manufacturers deliberately sell printers cheaply at a low margin so that they can gain high profits from the regular, never ending sale of replacement ink. The prices displayed in bricks and mortar computer shops for OEM branded inkjet cartridges do certainly hint that this scenario has an element of truth to it.

Avoiding The Price Trap

There are several ways to achieve this end.

  • You can purchase ink kits to refill the empty cartridge from your printer. Unfortunately, this can be messy and not always a total success.
  • You could try unbranded but claimed to be compatible filled cartridges. These may be totally brand new or, (more than likely) they are fully refurbished (remanufactured) ones. Usually, these are as functional as the OEM equivalent but at a lower price.
  • Make your purchase from an online store. With lower overheads and larger inventories, these stores often offer better prices than the traditional retail shops (even after delivery is factored in).

A good online store for Discount Inkjet Cartridges is website. They will have just about any type that you might need and it will have a “good” price and quick delivery.

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