Do You Really Need Your HVAC In Columbia SC?

This presupposes that you know that HVAC stands for heating, ventilating and air conditioning as a means of providing artificial climate control to any sort of indoor premises. These days, for reasonably sized residences and commercial properties, this is done on a centralized system more often than not. Older style air conditioners of the box through a hole in the wall or the less old split type where the compressor is outside and the blower inside can still be found despite their lower efficiency (they do happen to be cheaper to buy and install).

Local Out Of Doors Climate

Columbia is the anchor city for the Columbia Metropolitan Statistical Area comprising five counties in the central part of South Carolina. This region has mild winters followed by early spring leading to very hot and humid summers producing warm fall time weather. In summer, more than 80 days on average see temperatures of 90 °F or above. In winter, the daytime temperature rarely falls below freezing but an average of 53 Columbia nighttimes do drop below. The human body can well survive this climatic range but it could hardly be said to be comfortable – hence the importance of HVAC to Columbia SC.

Centralized HVAC Systems

This is where a central point (a plant room in commercial premises or, usually, the basement in a residential property) houses the equipment for both heating cold air and cooling down hot air. The result will be distributed throughout the building (not necessarily to every room). There are several ways in which to distribute the artificial climate but blowing air through ductings inside walls, across ceilings or under floors is one of the more common methods. The same ducts can be used for the summer cold air and the winter hot air, they can also be used for ventilation purposes.

The Importance Of Regular Inspection And Maintenance

Regardless of the type of HVAC in Columbia SC that you choose to operate, it will become less efficient (and more costly to run) if it is not well maintained. Even the humble window air conditioning unit needs to have its filter cleaned and its supply of refrigerant checked. Many HVAC companies will arrange contract servicing for you. A good time for servicing is in the spring for heating and in the fall for air conditioning. A regular check up goes a long way towards avoiding the need for an emergency call out.

Sweet Comfort Services is a company offering full service for HVAC in Columbia SC. New equipment, installation, inspection, preventative maintenance and repair are all within their scope of residential and commercial operations.

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