Do You Have What it Takes to be a Biomedical Technician?

Health care providers depend on their medical equipment for accurate diagnoses, monitoring and treatment of their patients. If such equipment fails, lives are at stake. A biomedical equipment technician (BMET) or biomedical technician is trained in the maintenance and repair of electric, electromechanical and other equipment used in medical applications.

Impact on Patients

A biomedical technician is critical in ensuring that health care systems are functioning properly at all times. Some of the equipment include:

*   Defibrillators
*   Life support systems
*   Heart monitors
  Intravenous (IV) machines
*   Imaging equipment like CT, MRI, ultrasound scanners and x-ray

In some situations, you may be required to interact directly with a patient to solve problems. Working as a BMET offers you the opportunity to directly help many people get better.

A Steady Job Growth Outlook

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical equipment service industry is set to grow by 6 percent by 2024. Accreditation and regulatory agencies are putting pressure on hospitals to put in place comprehensive medical equipment maintenance programs that require the skills of profession biomedical technicians. This offers you the perfect opportunity for a stable job with good pay.

Many entry level positions in the field require an associate’s degree, but you can go the mile further and earn an advanced degree. Apart from hospitals, BMETs will find jobs with independent service companies, the military and medical equipment manufacturers.

A Stressful Environment

Working in the medical field can be intense. Lives depend on equipment, and there is no room for error. BMETs should have fast problem solving skills, work well under pressure, sometimes, even with patients still attached to the equipment. This is a 24/7 work career.

Training you receive may be specific to certain equipment in particular workplace. However, in-depth knowledge of the equipment may improve your job performance. Employers are having a hard time finding qualified candidates, so experienced BMETs are always in demand.

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