Do You Have To Live In Chicago With Neck Pain?

Unfortunately, many people do suffer just that (along with many more from other parts of the world). Aches and other feelings of discomfort above your shoulders and below your head are all too common everywhere and they can be caused by any number of disparate reasons. Some accidental – as in whiplash from being in a car accident, some caused by simply twisting or tilting your head the wrong way, or, sleeping in the wrong position, whereas, other causes could be related to nerve problems particularly in the spinal cord.

Where Is Your Cervix?

Before you jump to the wrong conclusion this anatomical word derives from the Latin word for a neck. So, it is something that both men and women have in common. Since it is basically the top end of your spinal cord, it contains discs that can be compressed or damaged in some way. Damaged discs and trapped nerves often send the wrong signals to our brains and these usually manifest themselves as painful feelings.


With something so common but caused by many different factors getting to the root cause of this problem is not always easy. If you have been in a car collision (or even sudden, violent braking) the cause will be obvious. However, if the problem suddenly occurs when you awake one morning or, it slowly developed over a length of time, diagnosis can be a process of eliminating one factor at a time.

Take A Holistic Approach

For those who have never consulted one, a chiropractor is casually thought of as someone who places your body in a wrestling like hold and then pushes, pulls or twists it. However, such a person may be just the one to not only diagnose your problem but also provide relief from it. While a chiropractor does primarily concentrate on spinal manipulation, they also take a holistic view of all bodily functions and the problems they can cause.

For this particular problem, its roots may well lie in the spinal cord and disc compression could be the root of it (along with associated bulging or herniated discs). For this reason cervical traction may very well be the answer. Depending on individual diagnosis, the chiropractor may administer the traction manually or use a mechanical method to pull or manipulate the area in question.

You definitely know when you are suffering from Chicago Neck Pain but do you know how to get the much needed relief? A consultation at one of the Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers may well be the solution.

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