Do You Believe In Early Childhood Education For St. Augustine Kids In Florida?

We are fortunate to live in a country that makes educating our kids a compulsory thing to do. This used to be at least attending primary education but we have now adopted a K-12 process whereby education starts and kindergarten level (at around age 5) and continues for 12 years. Many places are now adding a further year to the start of this process by introducing Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Programs (VPK’s) for kids aged from 4 to 5 years old.

With the above in mind, at what age should Early Childhood Education In St. Augustine commence? Some firmly believe that learning starts at birth and that the best time to learn many things is at as early an age as possible (this seems definitely true when it comes to language – coincident to learning its parents’ language a young child seems to have little problem picking up a second language as well).


Opportunities For Young Learning
Some families are fortunate enough to have the motivation, skills and financial capability for at least one parent to stop work and be at home “teaching things” to their children from birth through to at least the day that they start compulsory education. A few even take this further by providing home schooling right through to senior college or even university.


Others are less fortunate and both parents might have to return to their workplace very shortly after the birth of their offspring. How can such people ensure that not only is their children’s welfare taken care of but that their education does not suffer as well?


Early Childhood Education
Organizations that provide programs of early childhood education in St. Augustine can be the answer to many a parent’s prayers. Some of these will accept children as soon as 6 weeks after their birth; admittedly, this is more of a day care solution for the baby’s welfare but, many of these private organizations also organize “classes” aimed at encouraging the learning process in toddlers from around age 2 onwards. These toddler classes are where the groundwork for Early Childhood Education In St. Augustine is laid.


This Early Childhood Education In St. Augustine will continue through approved pre-kindergarten programs for 4 year olds to attendance at a full kindergarten for the year before entering compulsory grade school education. During all these stages, there is strong emphasis on play but underlying this is a policy to encourage the children to want to learn (as well as teaching them how to better mix with their peers).

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