Do Not Wait to Call a Bee Exterminator in Scottsdale, AZ

Since their creation in the 1950s, Africanized honey bees, or “killer” bees, have plagued North America and brought danger to many unsuspecting homes. These bees, famous for their aggressive behavior, have several key differences in body and behavior that set them apart from normal honey bees. To determine what kind of bee has set up shop in or near your home, you need to know these differences and call a bee exterminator right away.

Different Sizes

Africanized honey bees are about 10% smaller than their more docile counterparts, but it is not easy to spot this difference with the naked eye. Do not ever approach a hive with the intention of extracting a bee. Rather, if you happen to kill one on or near your property, take a moment to carefully, so as not to be stung, look at the physical characteristics. Remember that bees of any kind are pests when found in a property. Call a bee exterminator in Scottsdale, AZ for help without exception.


A bee control service will help with hive removal, Africanized bee removal, and more. You can call pest control companies throughout the year to help with an infestation and get it under control. The sooner you call, the sooner you will enjoy a bee-free property again.

Africanized bees are extremely aggressive, more so than any other type of bee. Most honey bees will attack if they feel their hives are threatened, but they will only send between 10 and 20 bees once a threat comes within 20 yards of a hive. Africanized bees will send hundreds if you come within 120 yards.

If you believe you have an Africanized bee infestation, you cannot put off a call to a reputable bee exterminator in AZ. Every moment you wait is another moment you or someone in your household might experience serious harm. You are the only thing standing in the way of a critical problem.

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