DIY Projects using 6” PVC Pipe

A PVC pipe is a type of vinyl and plastic pipe that is inexpensive, flexible and resists both fire and water. It is used in all sorts of applications such as plumbing systems, but 6” PVC pipe and other sizes can also be used in lots of different DIY projects in the home.

It’s easy to find 6” PVC pipe and other diameters to buy at Flex PVC, where our skilled professionals can guide you in finding the right size and shape for your DIY project. Here are just a few of the great and practical items you can make using 6” PVC pipe or other sizes.

DIY Projects using 6” PVC Pipe

Table Lamp – To make a table lamp all you require is a lamp kit and some sections of pipe. Take the sections and cut them into the designs you want for your lamp. You then have to drill holes to accommodate the wiring kit parts. You can also color the pipe with spray paint made for plastics.

PVC Pipe Clock – Another fun project to make is a clock. To make it, you need a PVC elbow joint with a four to six inch diameter. You make the face of the clock from old alarm or other clocks and take them apart to use the parts as well. The old clock parts will be fitted and cemented inside the PVC pipe, just make sure it is the same diameter as your old clock face.

PVC Pipe Planter – You can also make planters using sections of PVC piping. If you heat the pipe, you can bend it into a variety of shapes and your plants will grow in the shape of that pipe.

PVC Bird Feeder – A fun project for kids is to make a bird feeder out of PVC. You just need pieces of pipe, two saucers, some hardware to hold up the feeder, paint or other decorations. Use large diameter pipe and cut a hole in the front for the seed, glue a saucer onto the top and bottom and then a hook to hang it goes on the top.

All of these great, and inexpensive, projects are made using materials such as six” PVC pipe and can be done with limited tools in your home on a rainy weekend!

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