Digi-Star Grain Tracker and Scales

Digi-Star LLC is the king of farming equipment and specialize in a wide variety of different useful tools for farmers. They are widely known by the farming community for their useful Digi-Star scale and now they have provided farmers with another helpful piece of farming equipment. They also have created a multi-functioning harvest and planting management system for tracking. It is the first of its kind as it is developed with grain carts that offer benefits when it comes to documentation and record-keeping in the field.

All of Digi-Star’s farming equipment has been praised by farmers all over the country and their scales are a force to be reckoned with. However, their new grain tracker system has an innovative designed indicator for PC software. These are all cab mounted and permit the operator of the equipment to record the data as well as the name of the field, load weights, totals, and load numbers. This makes it easy for farmers to keep track of their crops and what they have planted.

Just like with all of their other products, their grain tracker system is extremely user-friendly and operators can be easily trained. It has a start/stop feature that is unlike any other that provides a weight, time, date, and field for each load that is completed. It comes equipped with a base model indicator and is more full-featured.

Digi-Star Scales

Even though the grain tracker is definitely a piece of equipment that you want to have on the farm, you do not want to go without a digi-star scale to weigh your livestock right there on the farm. They are designed specifically for the rugged animal weighing environment and of durable materials that and withstand all of the elements to be experienced in the outdoors. It comes equipped with all of the latest technology such as advanced signal filtering coupled with their lock-on feature which allows farmers to read the scale regardless of how much the livestock moves. It also provides farmers with excellent visibility regardless of how dark it is or if it is raining. It even comes with a low-battery warning to let you know when it is time to change the battery.


Digi-Star makes some very useful farming equipment for farmers to use such as livestock scales and grain trackers, to name a few. Find a dealer who distributes Digi-Star products for you to use on your farm to better your farming experience.

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