Different Types Of Wood Panel Doors

Wood doors come in a variety of styles. They are varnished, stained or not. The wood types available also make the selection an expansive one. One means of distinguishing your wood door from others is through the selection of panels. There are many different types of Wood Panel Doors – enough to meet the stylistic demands of most individuals.

Wood Panel Doors: Types

Wood panel doors span the ages.  They are found clearly represented in various centuries with some eras preferring one type to another. Designs are varied and plentiful. They often reflect the specific era in which they were popular. They may flow horizontal or traditional vertical in pattern. You can either choose a solid all-panel wood door or combine panels with decorative glass of diverse styles.

Among the types of wood panel doors are the following common and unique types:

Two Panel: This style is rather unusual and individualistic in design. They reflect neo-classical revivalism of the early 1800s.

Four Panel: The four-paneled wood door has never fallen out of use. The only exception was the Victorian era. They thought its plainness needed improvement and wanted to separate it from its humble roots. To do this they raised fielded or beaded panels and created inset or bolection moldings. They also added glass and glazed the upper panels. North American four panel doors range from basic to the refined and elegantly crafted models. People often prefer this type of wood panel doors because it can suit any style of home.

Five Panel Doors: This type of wood panel door is similar to others. Essentially, it is a means of dressing up the basic 4-panel door. It dates more commonly from the 1890s. Of all early examples, this paneled door features the greatest variety of wood

Six Panel Doors: This particular type of wood panel door was common during Georgian times (1750- 1830). It also made a comeback during the Roaring 1920s. A common name for its style or panel arrangement is “cross and bible.” A classic design, these wood panel doors are becoming once again popular. If nothing else, they provide a residence with a strong focal point.

With so many options, including a horizontal panel door, it is important to consider carefully your main goal in selecting a door. Take into account location (interior or exterior), weather, residential architectural style and other factors before arriving at a decision.

Wood Panel Doors: Consider the Possibilities

If you want to spice up your home or simply address a stylistic issue, look to your doors. They can provide the facelift you feel your home needs (along with the windows, perhaps). A door with panels is a distinct possibility for either interior or exterior use. Be sure to consider what you want and your home needs before you make a decision as to what number of panels will work. With the choice in wood panel doors running from one to six panels and with so many variations available, this is the sensible thing to do.

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