Different Types of Elder Neglect

The abuse of elders takes place in a number of different forms. Some of these forms of abuse included threats and intimidation to an elder individual while others involve neglect or theft. Physical and emotional abuse are included in these, but are much easier to watch out for. Understanding the different types of elder neglect and abuse will make it easier for you to report a case if you are ever put in a situation such as this.

Types of Abuse
*Physical abuse: Physical elder abuse is the use of force on an elder individual that results in physical pain. This can include, hitting, shoving, and the use of drugs or restraint.

*Emotional abuse: Emotional/psychological abuse is done in a verbal manner. It includes ridicule, humiliation, blaming, scapegoating, and intimidation through threats or yelling. It can also be done in a non-verbal manner by terrorizing or ignoring the individual.

*Neglect and abandonment: This means that the caretaker has not taken care of the elderly adult to the fullest of their ability. It is one of the most common types of abuse.

*Financial exploitation: This is done when a caretaker or family member uses the elderly individual’s property or funds without permission. This involves stealing cash, using credit cards, and forgery on checks.

*Healthcare abuse and fraud: This is carried by medical professionals in an unethical manner. This can include charging for healthcare without providing, over or under-medicating, Medicaid fraud, double-billing/overcharging for medical services. This can take place in any healthcare facility such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, as well as a nursing home or retirement community.

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