Developing A Plan For Compulsive Behavior Treatment In Salt Lake City, Utah

Most people have some level of uncontrolled behavior in their life even if they don’t think they need compulsive behavior treatment. It is something that they do knowing that it is not the right thing to do or that it may even cause them harm. This could be going to the casino and gambling the rent money or having a drink, spending too much time online, looking at pornography or overeating.

However, when compulsive behavior becomes out of control to the point it is causing harm and is overwhelming seeking assistance to stop the behavior and change your thinking and acting is essential. In Salt Lake City, Utah counselors, therapists and mental health professionals can all provide assistance in compulsive behavior treatment.

What Compulsive Behavior in Salt Lake City, Utah Feels Like
Many people struggle to understand what compulsive behavior actually feels like. Think of it as a ritual, or a behavior, that you know you don’t have to do but you feel driven or required to do it anyway. Typically compulsions, or the need to act, occur because of an obsession.

If you are obsessed with being robbed you may constantly be thinking about someone breaking into your home. This then causes you to do the compulsive behavior of checking the locks and the windows multiple times even though you know they are already locked and you are safe.

Compulsive behavior treatment typically focuses in on identifying the obsession and then addressing the compulsion.

Compulsive Behavior Treatment Options
The most often used form of therapy for compulsive behavior and obsessive-compulsive behavior includes cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. This includes being exposed to your obsession and avoiding the behavior, the ritual. This may include in the example above going into your house and sitting down without checking the doors, allowing your anxiety to gradually fade.

At the same time you will also be working in your compulsive behavior treatment to identify the irrational thoughts around the compulsion and learn more effective ways to deal with anxiety without resorting to the ritual.

In Salt Lake City, Utah compulsive behavior treatment often includes both individual sessions as well as group therapy. Group therapy with others that have compulsive behaviors and obsessive thoughts can be very effective in learning coping strategies and normalizing thoughts in a way that is helpful to everyone in the group.

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