Depend on Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Lumberton, TX

In recent years, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for a very good reason. People choose dental procedures of this type to repair defects or to deal with an injury, of course. But they also choose this method to improve overall appearance. The goal, of course, is to restore their smiles and to give themselves more confidence when out in public.

What Is Whitening?

When you talk to your dental professional about teeth whitening in Lumberton, TX, you might also discuss some other cosmetic procedures that will go a long way toward improving your smile. As mentioned, whitening and bleaching have become more popular in recent years. When your dentist uses this method, it usually involves a stronger whitening gel than is available in at-home methods. Your dentist may also use a special light source to activate the gel so the bleaching process happens more quickly.

In most situations, your in-office whitening will take about an hour, depending on the individual. But the details of your specific situation will be carefully discussed before any decision is made and before treatment begins. You’re encouraged to visit Beaumont Smile Center to talk with a dental professional and to schedule appointments.

Follow up at Home?

You may have heard friends or co-workers talk about teeth whitening that they do at home. In some cases, your dentist may suggest continuing the process at home for a short period of time after in-office treatment. As mentioned, each situation is planned for the individual. Some staining and discoloration may require more extensive treatment.

When you work with your dental professional to improve your smile, you’re taking important steps for complete oral health. It’s important to follow the advice and recommendations of your dentist carefully to ensure that you have healthy teeth and gums and the best smile possible.

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