Dentists In Columbus WI Offer Tips to Save a Knocked Out Tooth

There is absolutely no question that participating in sports has a number of health benefits for kids. This is especially true when the fact that almost a third of all kids in the U.S. are overweight or considered obese is considered. However, there are still quite a few athletes -; both kids and adults -; who suffer from injuries to their teeth while playing. In 2011, there were more than 3 million teeth knocked out during youth sporting events, according to The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation.

If a tooth is knocked loose or out, it is essential to contact dentists in Columbus WI immediately. However, there are a few actions that can be taken to try and preserve the tooth, as well. Some of them are found here.

Rinse the Tooth

If the tooth falls to the ground, there is a good chance it has become dirty. It is a good away to rinse away any accumulated dirt and debris from the tooth and any tissue that is present. Do not ever scrub the attached tissue off of the tooth.

Replace the Tooth

If possible, put the tooth back into its proper socket with the flat part of the tooth facing forward. If this is not possible, then put the tooth in cold water, or if it is available, cold milk.

Apply Pressure

If the tooth is able to be placed back into the socket, it is a good idea to apply pressure to it. Do this for a period of at least five minutes.

Get to the Dentist

Regardless of if the tooth is back in its socket or in milk, it is essential to get the person to see Dentists In Columbus WI as soon as possible. The dentist will be able to take additional actions to help replace and save the displaced tooth.

More information about how to treat a knocked out tooth, as well as other important dental information can be found by visiting the website. Taking the time to do this will make sure that any person knows how to handle a dental emergency if they ever face one.

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