Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

Missing teeth can cause many problems; it not only is aesthetically unpleasant, it can make eating a speaking properly a chore. Two of the most common solutions for missing teeth are full or partial dentures or dental implants in Lakeview. Of the two, which is the most suitable solution?

Dentures: Dentures are a prosthetic that fits in your oral cavity; it is made from light weight metal, acrylic and porcelain. They can be used in cases where there are only a couple of lost teeth as well as a full denture which is worn by those who have all their teeth removed.

To produce the denture, the first thing is a full mouth impression. This impression is sent to a laboratory that makes dentures, crowns, bridges, etc. Prior to ordering the denture, the dentist will suggest the best color as well as tooth sizes and shapes. Once the dentures have been completed an initial fitting is made, there will be need for minor adjustments over the first few months as the oral civility settles.

Although dentures do the job they are susceptible to slipping and may be the cause of problems with sleeping, eating and talking.

Dental implants: For those who do not want to live with the inconvenience of dealing with dentures, dental implants in Lakeview are the solution. The actual implant takes the place of the missing tooth root; it is a titanium screw which is imbedded in the jaw bone. Over a period of six to nine months the implant and the bone naturally fuse.

Once the implant is completely stable, an abutment is placed on the top; the abutment supports a crown which is the replacement tooth. Once completed, there is no difference in the looks or function from the natural tooth that it replaces.

A dental implant will never move, it is maintained in the same way as your natural teeth and there will be no deterioration of the jaw bone which leads to sunken cheeks. Although dental implants are more expensive than dentures, many people feel the small price differential is well worth it.

Dental implants in Lakeview are the ideal replacement for a lost tooth; they are also used extensively as anchors for a bridge or full denture. To discuss the value of implants in detail you are invited to make an appointment with Lincoln Park General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Visit them online at

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