Dental Bridges in Roseburg, Oregon Make Oregonians Smile

If you wish to restore missing teeth, you can find a solution by having a bridge placed. A dental bridge, when well maintained, ensures that you will benefit from a high level of aesthetics and comfort. Plus, you will become accustomed to wearing the prosthetic in a very short time.

How a Dental Bridge Is Placed

Dental bridges in Roseburg, Oregon are fixed dental restorations that do not require removal for cleaning. Because they offer this advantage, many dental patients prefer bridges to removable dentures. A bridge is permanently placed by cementing anchor crowns to the adjacent teeth, also called abutment teeth. Therefore, removal is not necessary.

Cantilever Style Bridges

In some instances, offices such as Harvard Dental Group may provide restorations that are called cantilever bridges. These bridges are designed for patients who have abutment teeth located on only one side of a dental breach. Therefore, this application may be suited for the following instances:

  • When it is not preferred that the teeth are prepared on both sides of the gap.
  • When there are no teeth on one side of the gap.
  • When one of the abutment teeth already supports another prosthetic that cannot be replaced.

Usually, providers of dental care services prefer to place a cantilever dental bridge toward the front part of the mouth, as there is less pressure there while chewing. As a result, the placement of a cantilever bridge must be carefully assessed. Otherwise, the stability of the abutment teeth can be compromised.

A Temporary Solution

As a result, there are few situation where cantilever dental bridges are used today. If they are indicated, it is because they are used as a temporary restoration or the patient cannot afford a more expensive restoration. Because regular bridges and implants are recommended in most cases, these types of bridges are rarely used anymore.

If you wish to enhance you smile, innovations in dentistry can help you do so. You simply need to find an option that fits your budget and improves your dental health. Dental bridges are usually preferred by people who wish to forego the use of removable prosthetics for cleaning but want to restore their smile.

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