Deciding Between a Dog Walking Service or a Doggie Daycare Facility

Many people nowadays work long hours or are required to travel on a regular basis as a part of their job. This leads to the need for a caregiver to ensure all the needs of your dog are met. Two of the most popular options in this situation are hiring a dog walker in Fanwood, NJ or enrolling your pet in doggie daycare. The right decision isn’t always the same for every one person, though.

Doggie Daycare

Daycare for dogs has become increasing popular in the last few years as it offers your pet the chance to play, exercise, and interact with other people and dogs through the day. Your pet has the chance to socialize and won’t suffer from boredom as he will have something to do while you aren’t there to play with him.

If your dog enjoys spending time with other dogs or needs stimulation throughout the day, a dog daycare service might work well for you. You also need to consider whether dropping off and picking up the pet will be convenient for your schedule. Even if you don’t want to enroll your pet every day of the week, dog daycare can be a great option for longer trips when you aren’t available for a few days or more.

Dog Walking Services

Another popular option for pet owners is hiring a dog walker in Fanwood, NJ. This can be a great option for a dog who prefers his own home or requires a lot of one-on-one attention. It’s also suitable for a pet who is easily overstimulated. Your dog walker can provide that one to one attention that your pet enjoys while being in a neighborhood that is familiar and relaxing. Sometimes this can also be easier for pet owners who can’t drop off and pick up the pet from a facility each day.

Combining Your Options

If you find both ideas above compelling, there’s a unique solution you can use. Some people may find it best to have daycare for their pet a few times a week, while a dog walker comes on the other days. This gives you the benefits of both options without having to choose just one.

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