Dealing with Religious Discrimination at Work

In an ideal workplace, everyone has equal rights. Anyone has a chance to shine, to have the opportunity to grow, to get the job done the best way they know how. However, not all work environments ensure that. If you think you’re the victim of religious discrimination , pay attention. Here are three of the most common ways this could happen:

Hiring, firing or promoting someone based on faith

Companies that refuse to hire anyone who doesn’t belong to a certain religion or faith, firing someone based on religion or refusing to promote someone simply because they don’t attend a certain church or aren’t part of a specific faith are all examples of unfair and unfounded discrimination at work, says Workplace Fairness. All are grounds for a lawsuit.

Harassment of employees

If management or other members of the staff make fun of employees whose religions are different from what they practice, insist that they’re violating company dress codes simply because they’re wearing religious articles of clothing and continually mock or deride them for refusing pork on religious grounds, then employees have grounds to sue those management or staff members.

Unwillingness to accommodate employees

Forcing an employee to go against religious beliefs simply to comply with company rules—removing religious clothing or working on the Sabbath day—provides grounds for a lawsuit. If you think your company is guilty of this, don’t hesitate to seek help.

Getting Help

There are many ways you can experience religious discrimination. So make sure you pay attention. You might be a victim and not know it. And if you want to change that, ask for help from a religious employment discrimination lawyer in Addison right away. Get the legal help you need to make things right, to see justice is served in the court and real life. For inquiries or assistance, contact the Law Office of Michael T. Smith.

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