Custom Exterior Doors – Designed for the Grand Entrance

If you have a custom designed home, a historic home, or if you are renovating your current home and want to add something unique and beautiful, you need to consider customer exterior doors. There is no better way to add a finishing touch to an entrance than with a door that is distinctive, styled to match your home, and that really makes a statement.

Some companies that offer custom doors only have limited options for you to consider. You will start with their basic door styles and then you can modify or customize from there. This may include selecting the glass and styles of sidelights or a transom or perhaps choosing the stain colour and the wood type. However, your choices will be limited for customization.

A True Custom Door

There are also top companies that give you the option to fully customize your door. You can create any design that you like, from an arched door to beautiful and elegant double doors. You then simply send in an image or a drawing to the company.

Often this process takes time as the expert designers will then create a full detailed drawing of your door. You will then need to approve the design or make additional modifications. Once you are fully satisfied with the door, the actual construction will begin.

Typically, a very elaborate custom designed door will take several weeks to design, approve, construct and complete. While they are more costly than a pre-fab door, they are also absolutely amazing and complete the look of a home in a way that a standard door simply cannot do.

Options to Consider

Besides the wood and the stain choices, you will also be able to design each element of the door. This includes the specific type of wood, the size of the door, the style of the door and all the details involved in the glass, transom and sidelights.

You can also choose to include hand carvings on the door to create a unique design, including monographs, family names or classic shapes and elegant patterns.

The option of using a truly custom designed door is worth considering to make your home unique and a true showpiece. These doors, when purchased from a top company, are a lifelong investment that will give you years of security, insulation, beauty and value for your home.

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