Cub Cadet Attachments Make Every Yard Task Enjoyable

One of the advantages of owning a riding mower is the ability to add a wide variety of attachments. A homeowner can tackle many yard and garden tasks that previously they either had to hire done or rent equipment to accomplish. Attachments are available online, at garden supply stores, big box home improvement stores, and directly from the manufacturer. Cub Cadet Attachments are a popular brand available through these resources.

Before choosing an attachment, a homeowner should first determine their needs by taking into account the area to be mowed, plowed, tilled, cleared, or maintained for snow removal. If an area of 100 square feet is all that needs to be worked for a garden, it may not be worthwhile to invest in an attachment to till the soil. However, if you have very large gardens or acres of grass to mow, then the appropriate attachments will pay for themselves in the long haul.

Let’s assume you have large gardens to work and acres of grass to keep beautiful. Spring is the ideal time to start prepping these areas for the upcoming season. Cultivators and tillers are the main attachments utilized in prepping the soil for all types of garden plots.

      *     Tiller. A tiller attachment is essential to prepare a garden plot and condition the soil getting it ready for seeds or tender seedlings. The tiller’s tine can be set for depths ranging from 1 inch up to 5.5-inches with a 36-inch wide tilling width covering more ground quickly. Weighing under 250 pounds, the tiller breaks through tough ground turning the worst soil into a perfect planting area.

      *     Cultivator. A rear-mounted cultivator attachment slices through hard ground like butter when prepping your garden spot. Choose from serrated, rust-resistant steel discs or tangs that are adjustable from 18 inches to 42 inches. Cultivators are equipped with skids for depth control so that they can be lowered or raised to handle any terrain, making them ideal for clearing areas overrun with weeds as well.

Now that you’ve got your garden covered, don’t forget about that expanse of lawn. Many homeowners enjoy mowing their lawns every week with their riding mowers. With the addition of Cub Cadet Attachments like an aerator, broadcast spreader, or lawn sweeper, your grass will look professionally maintained. You can also visit their Google+ page for regular updates and posts.

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