Create a Soundproof Ambience with an Acoustical Wallcovering

Nowadays, people prefer to use wallpapers rather than regular paints. With their exclusive texture and patterns, these coverings look good on the walls of private bedrooms, living rooms, offices, classrooms, conference rooms, to name a few. They are applied using proper adhesives and contain liners that help cover up any minor flaws that the walls might have.


Different Types of Wall Coverings


Owing to the rise in the demand for wallpapers, there are different types of them available today, suitable for specific uses. Some of the special types of wall coverings are: electromagnetic shield coverings, dry erase wall coverings, glow-in-the-dark wallpapers, and scented papers. If you want to soundproof a room or your workstation, you may want to consider an acoustical wallcovering.


Acoustical Wallcovering


Acoustical wallcoverings are engineered in such a way that they effectively absorb sound energy. Primarily, they have been used in commercial set ups, but nowadays, they are used in homes, as well.


Soundproofing the Recording Studios


A space that will commonly use an acoustical wallcovering is a recording studio. The control room of these studios needs proper soundproofing for the sound engineers to work on their projects. That is why they need adequate acoustic treatment in the control room as well as in the live room to interpret sound accurately.


Acoustical Wallcovering for Home Walls


A lot of homeowners are taking necessary measures to soundproof their walls to reduce noise pollution. In order to increase daily productivity and be efficient at work, everyone needs sufficient sleep, and that is why they need soundproof rooms. Also, high blood pressure patients and people with heart ailments need a quiet home environment to be able to rest and sleep properly. For these reasons, people are opting for an acoustical wallcovering to soundproof their walls. Such wall papers have the capacity to reduce the unwanted noise by about 70%.




Acoustical wallcoverings are available in rolls, like any other type of wall paper, and are applied on the walls using adhesive. While applying the wallpaper, see to it that it is smoothed out properly so that there are no air bubbles.


Fabric-Backed Wall Covering


The fabric backed acoustical wallcoverings are ideal for use in spaces such as movie theaters and conference room as the fabrics used in them are totally sound absorbent and are meant for use in high traffic rooms. They can also be used on panels and modular walls. They are easy to maintain as they can be easily cleaned. When an acoustical wallcovering becomes dirty, clean it simply by using a micro fiber cloth dipped in soapy water.


There are a plethora of designs of such wall coverings to choose from. Pick the one that suits the overall interior decoration of your home or office. Stick them to your wall, and create a harmonious environment for yourself, far from the chaotic outside world.

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