Create a Healthier Environment with Mold Testing in San Francisco

Any process that requires dealing with mold is risky for your health. Mold testing is no exception. Testing should always be conducted by trained professionals only. These professionals are certified and experienced with the proper safety precautions that need to be followed when conducting any mold testing in San Francisco. If you even suspect any growth of mold in your home or business it is very important to call in a professional to conduct the appropriate testing and diagnostic procedures.

How to Spot the First Signs of Mold Growth

Detecting mold in your home or business is not easy. The spores are microscopic and if you don’t see them growing on your walls, they can very well be growing inside of them. Mold can also grow in such places as window frames and door frames, in the roof, and under the carpet.

Often it is not possible to detect mold growth with the human eye, and spores can remain dormant for long periods of time. It is usually the musky, earthy smell of mold that you will notice before anything else. If you smell mold or suspect any presence of mold at all in your home or office, you should contact a professional to conduct a mold test before the growth causes any health issues.

When to Conduct Mold Testing

Reliable and professional mold tests can determine the type of mold growth that is affecting your property. In addition to mold, there may also be substances of an allergenic, pathogenic, or toxic nature that are difficult to distinguish from mold. This is one reason why having a professional conduct the mold testing for you is always a good idea.

Mold tests can be conducted in a variety of ways and in a variety of places around your home or business, including:

1. Drywall
2. Wood Frames
3. Plaster
4. Air Sample by Pump

Any collected sample could be sent to a lab for testing analysis. Any time an air sample is collected it is used to test for the level of spores per cubic foot in a particular area of the property.

Mold is Dangerous

Many different kinds of mold can be found around your home or business. Each kind emits an odor which comes from the spores in the air and causes irritation within the respiratory system that can turn into more serious health complications. If you stay in a place with a mold infestation for a length of time, you can get used to its odor and subject yourself to potentially serious health problems. If you ever suspect the presence of mold, call in a professional to conduct a test before it’s too late.

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