Coverage Included in Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita, KS: What You Need to Know

In many ways, Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS, is very similar to standard vehicle insurance people have for cars or trucks. After all, a motorcycle is a vehicle used for personal transport on many of the same roads that cars and trucks travel every day, so it makes sense that it requires similar coverage. Perhaps the main difference with a motorcycle insurance policy is that it might be cheaper to maintain. This is largely because many motorcycles are less expensive than cars or trucks, but there are exceptions to that rule. When a car and a motorcycle are roughly equal in value, the things included in the policy will usually be roughly the same. They include the following things.

Liability Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS, usually includes liability coverage as its main, and most essential, kind of coverage. This is the insurance that protects the owner of the motorcycle from having to pay massive damages to other people if they happen to cause an accident that harms others. Liability coverage does not include any protection for the motorcycle owner, however.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Most motorcycle policies include both collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage is the insurance that will compensate the driver for motorcycle repairs when they are in a wreck that they cause or when their motorcycle has collision damage from stationary objects. It is usually grouped together with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive is also called “other than collision” because it’s meant to fill in for all the situations that the collision coverage does not take care of. This includes a wide menu of things including theft, vandalism, damage due to natural disasters, and much more. An insurance agent will often advise that a motorcycle insurance policy has at least enough collision and comprehensive coverage to make sure that the bike could be replaced in the event that it was a total loss or that it was stolen.

Every Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS, can be customized based on the specific needs of the bike owner. If you are in the market for this kind of coverage, consider calling the Andy Woodward Insurance Agency today!

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