Cosmetic Surgery Options for the Skin and Face in Dallas

Under the heading of reconstructive or cosmetic/plastic surgery there is a range of procedures to help solve the problem of damaged tissue. There are many reasons why a person may want to have cosmetic surgery. Dallas patients can benefit from various procedures to address problems related to birth defects, severe blunt force injuries, severe cuts, and other injuries that cause short or long-term damage to the skin. In addition, cosmetic and plastic surgery can be used to simply modify particular features of the face or other parts of the body.

Eyelid Surgery

The type of procedure often used to eliminate excessive fat, skin, or muscle from the upper and bottom eyelids is referred to as blepharoplasty – or, eyelid surgery. The condition just described involves the appearance of droopy eyelids as well as eyelashes that can actually block the vision. After this procedure is completed, the individual can experience better vision and have a fresh look to their face.

Nose Surgery

A procedure that modifies the shape of the nose and improves its structure is referred to as rhinoplasty, a type of nose surgery. An individual may have this type of cosmetic surgery done in order to reform a particular characteristic of the nose. As well, the procedure can potentially help an individual improve their breathing.

Skin Resurfacing

A youthful appearance is often associated with a person who has proportioned facial characteristics and smooth skin texture. The process of skin resurfacing can improve the skin’s quality from its damaged condition as a result of UV ray exposure. Improved skin tone and reduction or elimination of brown spots or other benefits associated with skin resurfacing. A variety of damaged features can be addressed effectively through laser resurfacing dermabrasion, and skin peels.

Ear Surgery

The size and form of the ear can be reshaped through particular type of cosmetic surgery on the ear referred to as otoplasty. This type of surgery can effectively address injuries to the ear that have existed since birth or at some other time due to a traumatic event. Persons five years of age or older may qualify for this type of reparative/reconstructive surgery.

An experienced cosmetic surgeon serving the Dallas area can provide you with more in depth information about these and other cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures.

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