Cool Facts About Box Trucks

While you’re out and about searching for information about used box trucks for sale in Texas, we thought we’d offer you a few interesting facts about box trucks themselves. As many people know, a box truck is an excellent investment for a trucking company who serves many different clients. Standard semis and box trucks both have their place in the trucking world. Let’s look at box trucks a little more closely, though.

1. Either option of leasing or buying a box truck can be a good decision for the right person. The same holds true to buying new or used box trucks for sale in Texas. A new truck will have a warranty, unless you buy from a private seller. If you choose used, you want to be sure you know the history of the truck. Always have the truck inspected before purchase.

2. Maintenance of any vehicle is important. Having a well-running box truck can save money over time. That means making a point to check the tires, lights, fluids, mirrors, and exhaust on a regular schedule.

3. Box trucks are amazing for local runs. They maneuver much better than a larger truck. They also usually get better gas mileage. On top of that, most states don’t require a commercial driver’s license to operate them.

4. Every truck has a weight limit and exceeding it can get you into a lot of hot water. Most box trucks have a limit somewhere between 12,500 pounds to 33,000 pounds. Make sure you know what applies for your truck to avoid penalties at the scales.

5. Box trucks come in many sizes and can use one or two axles for supporting the load. Common box trucks range from 10 feet to 26 feet and can have a height of six feet to over eight feet.

6. When using a box truck, there is typically a cabin that is separated from the cargo space. Sometimes there will be a way to move between the two. They might have hinged doors or roll up doors. Some have hydraulic lift ramps, others have a standard pull out ramp.

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