Contracting For Electro Mechanical Assembly

Trying to complete electro mechanical assembly of parts and components in-house is challenging. As a highly specialized field, it requires significant expertise, experience, and equipment, making it cost ineffective for many Original Equipment Manufacturers to even consider.

However, once electro mechanical assembly is completed, the entire component can be added to the equipment with ease, which is an in-house service which fits with any fabrication and manufacturing line. By having the electronic parts and components house and with wiring and harnesses in place, the OEM can take on this role without a lot of cost and investment.

By using one electronic contract manufacturer for all related work, logistics are streamlined, and the cost of production per unit is lowered, both important factors to consider.

Quality of Final Products

When choosing an electronic contract manufacturing company for this type of assembly, finding a company with quality control standards in place throughout the process will be critical.

Check the quality control standards in place with any contract manufacturer. The top companies will have ISO 9001 certification as well as offer UL, CE and CSA certification. It is also very common for these companies to also have J-Standard 001 and IPC-A-610 class standards for electronic assemblies and processes.

Speed of Production

A focus on quality control with the best electro mechanical assembly often means faster production rates. These manufacturers are aligned throughout the process for fast scalability of orders and complete testing throughout the process, which adds to the ability to get orders completed on time, even with very large volume production requirements.

Pricing and Delivery

Both on-time delivery and pricing will always be issues to consider when contracting with an electronics contract manufacturer. Companies with a focus on keeping prices low offer the latest in technology, the best equipment, and the most experienced professionals to get the job done with limited waste and the most efficient production processes possible.

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