Considering Fresh Ideas for Front Lawn Landscaping

The front yard looks okay, but there is nothing spectacular about the grounds. Since the homeowner has recently paid off several debts, there is some money to spend on updating the Front Lawn Landscaping. Here are some ideas on how to increase the curb appeal and still keep the cost within reason.

New Ground Cover

There is nothing wrong with the lawn, but it does not provide the smooth and even look the homeowner would like. One way to update the Front Lawn Landscaping is to invest in a different kind of ground cover. Consider what a difference it would make to change from rye grass to Kentucky blue grass. Just as changing the carpet style in a living room alters the look of the space replacing the old grass with something different will change the look of the front lawn.

Adding an Island

There are already flower beds along the side of the house, but nothing is happening in the yard. Consider the idea of plantings some type of decorative tree and surrounding it with an island. That island can include a mixture of green plans, flowering plants and, possibly, marble or another natural element as a decorative base for the plants. Use colorful pavers to create a border for the island and the lawn suddenly as a new focal point.

Including a Paved Path

The same pavers used for the island border can also be employed to create paved paths that lead from the driveway to the front door. Consider adding another path that runs along the flower beds located next to the house. With the right size, shape, and color, those pavers will add more visual interest and create a great way to walk in the yard without getting the feet wet after a morning rain.

For anyone who would like to perk up the look of their front lawns, contact the team at FGM Landscaping & Brick Pavers today. A contractor will come out and talk with the owner about different ways to enhance the appearance of the lawn and ensure the space is more inviting. After settling on a plan, the work can get underway as soon as the supplies arrive. You can follow them on Twitter.

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