Considering Different Ideas for Decks in Broken Arrow, OK

The idea of adding a deck to the back of the house holds a lot of appeal. What remains to be decided is what sort of design is right for the home. Here are some ideas for Decks in Broken Arrow OK, that will provide the inspiration needed to come up with something that is attractive and functional.

Choice of Materials

There are many types of materials that can be included in the designs for Decks in Broken Arrow OK. Treated wood is often the most popular option, especially for the flooring. Consider augmenting the wood with the use of wrought iron. The iron can be used for railing and to add some decorative flourishes to the space. When the plan is to furnish the deck with iron chaises, chairs, and maybe a table or two, the decorative railing will help tie all the elements together.

Single or Multiple Levels?

How many levels would it take to make the deck truly functional? When the slope of the back yard allows it, consider the idea of creating at least two levels. One can be set aside specifically for lounging, sunning, and general relaxation. The other level can be considered a working part of the structure. Include elements like a table and chairs, room for a grill, and some type of storage space for cooking utensils. This two-level design is ideal for those who love to grill during nice weather or like the idea of having friends over for a cookout during weekends.

Covering the Space

Choosing to add some type of canopy or awning is another point to ponder. While it does not have to cover the entire deck, using something that will provide shade and protection from the rain means it is possible to spend time on the deck no matter what is happening with the weather. Think about adding a retractable awning to allow for maximum exposure when desired and provide coverage when it is raining.

For help with the perfect deck design, contact the team at Jenks Fence today. A contractor will visit the home and take a look at the back yard. It will not take long to settle matters such as dimensions, layout, and other factors. Once the decisions are made, the work can get underway immediately. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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