Considerations in Garage Door Spring Replacement in Beckley WV

Most homeowners do not give much consideration to their garage door’s springs. While the oversight is certainly understandable, it’s also unfair, because the springs are vital to the successful operation of the door. Garage door springs are dangerous, and Garage Door Spring Replacement in Beckley WV should only be done by licensed professionals. This article isn’t an instruction manual on spring replacement; rather, it serves to acquaint homeowners with springs and some maintenance duties that can be done at home.

Garage Door Spring Types

Modern garage doors use one of two spring types. Extension springs are attached on both sides above the door’s upper tracks while torsion springs are attached just above the door as it closes. A garage door repair specialist such as Garage Door Operators Inc can help the homeowner determine which type they have.

Safety With Garage Door Springs

A garage door’s springs are wound tightly, and they are under tremendous tension. When a spring breaks, or if a DIY enthusiast tinkers with them, they can seriously injure someone. If the home’s garage door is aging, allow a contractor to inspect its springs. However, if the door’s springs are merely noisy, there are things to do before calling a pro. Apply a good lubricant to the garage door springs to see if the problem persists. If so, repairs may be necessary.

Safety Cables

The spring types listed above work differently from one another. Garage doors that have extension springs have safety cables on either side of the door, attached to the ceiling and running through the springs. These cables help to control a spring if it breaks; if a home’s door has extension springs but no cables, the homeowner should call a professional.

Unbalanced Springs

The most reliable indicator of a functional garage door is smooth and quiet operation. When a door doesn’t work properly, serious problems can result. If the door is still difficult to use in manual mode, the springs could be unbalanced. The problem won’t solve itself, and putting it off can make the job cost more in the end.

Spring Brackets

A garage door’s springs are mounted to brackets at the bottom of the door. As with its springs, the brackets are under a great deal of tension, and should be serviced only by a professional. Newer garage doors have brackets that resist tampering and prevent homeowners from making mistakes in Garage Door Spring Replacement in Beckley WV.

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