Concrete Replacement in Chicago IL for Historic Buildings

Once a building is on the historical registry there are rules and restrictions regarding repairs and replacements. Any work completed, such as concrete replacement in Chicago IL, has to match the original look of the structure. That degree of expertise is only found at experienced companies that specialize in historic buildings. A mixture that alters the color, texture, or appearance of the building is unacceptable, and can result in a loss of historical status.


The building needs to be researched to determine the techniques and materials used at the time. An average construction or renovation company is up to date on modern methods of improving and strengthening a structure during the renovation process. Many design new facades for old buildings to attract new customers. Custom solutions are offered by specialists who do not interfere with the integrity of the original look.

Selecting the Right Company

This type of work needs to meet high standards for quality and safety. Innovation, creativity, and thinking outside the box are attributes that a selected company should prove with previous work completed. One company, Golf Construction, has specialized in historic renovations for over thirty years. Examples of previous concrete replacement in Chicago IL can be seen all over the city.

More than Concrete

In addition to replacing concrete, most specialized companies offer a host of renovation and repair services. Terracotta replacement and repair, building facades, and restoration for parking lots and plazas are provided for external services. Internal services include corrosion protection, strengthening the building, and leak mitigation. Keeping historical buildings functioning and safe can be done without compromising the original beauty and historical significance of the structure.

Preserving the past adds to the culture of a place. Creating modern and striking buildings moves the area forward. The presence of both in one city serves to remind people where they come from and let them realize how far they can go and how much can be achieved. The appeal of old buildings in excellent condition draws people in, which is a plus when introducing a new use for the old space. Seek out the most qualified professionals for repairs, replacements, and renovations.

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