Components Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Malibu

Alcohol addiction has no cure. There is no pill, no single treatment approach, and no one “life lesson” to effectively turn a person with alcohol dependency into a sober person for life. However, using a multi-faceted approach to alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu is highly effective in providing the individual with the tools, knowledge and support needed to live a sober, alcohol-free life.

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu is to do the initial very difficult detoxification process and then fail to follow through with ongoing support and counseling. This can be even more challenging if the individual tries to remain in the same environment during the detox and treatment.

Education about Addiction

Education is key in developing a holistic, comprehensive and individual alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu. Without an understanding of the chemical changes in the brain due to addiction it is very difficult to see the need for a permanent lifestyle changes.

This is often the case when people seeking alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu think cutting back on consumption or drinking only on specific days will end the addiction. It is only through providing education about the long-term effects of addiction and accepting alcoholism is a lifelong issue can individuals understand the need for lifestyle changes.

Changing the Environment

Depending on an individual’s support system, financial situation, and their personal acceptance and acknowledgement of the addiction either in-patient or out-patient treatment may be a good option.

In-patient alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu typically lasts approximately a month, but then intensive out-patient support will be necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle in the transition back to the home, work and living environment.

This may include support for the family and friends for the individual in recovery. It may also include making tough decisions to eliminate some people from the support network as they may be detrimental to recovery.

The biggest focus in a top alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu will be on developing healthy, sustained relationships and making lifestyle choices to increase physical, emotional and spiritual health moving forward.

The key to any effective alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu is to incorporate the elements of change which work for the individual. A personalized, multi-disciplined approach which includes the individual in their recovery treatment plan will allow positive changes to occur to continue on a healthy, sober and sustainable change.

The integrated, holistic and team-based treatment approach used in our alcohol addiction treatment in Malibu is highly effective. To learn more about how Vantage Point can help in your recovery see us at

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