Completely Confidential Paper Shredding Services

Businesses go to great lengths to ensure that information remains confidential to remain is compliance with certain regulations and decrease their liability. Some common methods of shredding paper in-house, however, may not be completely confidential and may actually be costing the business more money than independent Paper shredding Services. Personal office shredders, for example, are designed to handle small amounts of paper at a time and cut in only one direction. That means that confidential information may still be visible, and it is easy to fit documents together and read them after they have been shredded.

Some businesses have a copy room with a big shredder available for larger amounts of paper. Personnel usually place papers in a box to be shredded later. That leaves information available for staff to view. Office rumors can spread, and information can be seen by people in other departments. Maintaining or replacing shredders of any type can be expensive, and time spent shredding papers can be hours, depending on the amount of information collected by the business. An independent company can provide cost-effective Paper shredding Services that are completely confidential. Businesses can be assured they are in total compliance with any confidentiality regulations, they can stop spending money on equipment, and stop wasting staff time.

The six step process is quick, easy and completed on-site at the convenience of the business. Collection can be daily, weekly, or as little as every eight weeks, depending on the needs and budgets of the specific business. Locked bins are provided and set-up at the business location. The first step is to collect the material from each bin. The bar-code is scanned indicating the number of the bin and how much material was emptied. The collected material goes into a locked cart as each bin is emptied.

The destruction of the material is completed on-site by a state-of-the-art mobile destruction unit. Materials are cross cut to make them unreadable, and the shredder is operated from outside the unit. A business representative can witness the destruction via cameras inside the unit. A shredding certificate is printed and signed by the unit operator and the business representative. An invoice is then generated to the business. Go to for full details and free estimates for service.

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