Comparing Commercial Landscaping Bids

At Yellowstone Landscaping, we constantly get requests to submit a proposal for the landscaping and maintenance of commercial properties throughout our region. Currently, we provide services throughout Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia, South Texas and in New Mexico.

We often get questions about how our commercial landscaping bids are structured and how to compare our bids to others. As we provide a fully itemized proposal and other companies may not, understand how confusing this can be.

In general, here the important points we would encourage anyone comparing commercial landscaping bids to consider before making a final choice.

Experience and Expertise

While often grouped together, it is important to understand not just the companies experience in the field of landscaping, but the expertise they bring to the table. This is particularly true if the project will include design, installation and maintenance components.

Top companies have experts on staff to advise the installers and maintenance crews. This is instrumental in extending the life of the lawns and the planted areas as well as keeping long-term costs low.

Ideas and Recommendations

Look carefully at what the company offering the proposal is recommending. Do they want to provide the same type of design as every other commercial property in the area or have they crafted a design just for your property?

Consider the types of trees, plants, and grass they recommend. Are they following your request in the RFP or are they simply submitting a cookie-cutter type of bid?

Past Projects

A quick browse through the website of the companies submitting commercial landscaping bids can give you a good idea of the potential of the company. Look to see unique designs and features in different projects and to assess the style, quality and overall ability to provide landscaping on the scale your project requires.

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