Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening in Ypsilanti MI

People who feel that their teeth aren’t as white as they should be can contact an experienced dentist for teeth whitening in Ypsilanti MI. This procedure whitens a patient’s teeth immediately, and the results can last for several months. Read the commonly asked questions listed below to find out more information about teeth whitening at a dental office.

Q.) What can patients expect when having their teeth whitened at a dentist office?

A.) Having your teeth whitened at a dental office is a simple and quick procedure that takes about one hour. The dentist applies a tooth whitening solution to the teeth and then uses a precision laser light to activate the tooth whitening solution. After rinsing the solution off the teeth, the patient can see the immediate results.

Q.) Is there any pain associated with having a tooth whitening procedure done?

A.) Patients don’t feel any pain when having their teeth whitened at a dentist office. If any of the tooth whitening substance touches the gums during the procedure, the patient may have a little irritation on the gums for a few days.

Q.) How long will a person’s teeth stay white after having them whitened at a dentist office?

A.) The length of time that a person’s teeth will stay white can vary from six months to over two years. People who avoid eating foods that can stain the teeth, such as berries and red sauces, can keep their teeth looking whiter for a longer time. Periodical dental cleanings and regular brushing will also keep teeth their whitest.

Q.) What are the benefits of having a professional teeth whitening procedure done at a dental office?

A.) When a dentist who performs Teeth Whitening in Ypsilanti MI whitens a patient’s teeth, the results are immediate. Patients don’t have to wait weeks before they have whiter teeth. The teeth whitening solution used at a dentist office is more powerful than the solutions that are in home teeth whitening kits, so the teeth are whiter.

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