Commonly Asked Questions About Pet Laser Therapy

Animals often experience pain due to various medical issues including arthritis, joint problems and injuries, such as sprains and wounds. To relieve an animal’s pain and improve their daily lives, many veterinarians recommend Pet Laser Therapy. This simple procedure is performed in a veterinary clinic and it allows animals to be pain free. The information below answers some of the most commonly asked questions about laser therapy for animals.

Q.) How does a veterinarian perform laser therapy treatment on an animal?

A.) When it’s time for a laser therapy session, the veterinarian shines the laser light on a specific area that’s painful for the animal. After holding the light in position for the recommended time, the veterinarian continues moving the light in all the areas that need treatment. Pets are not sedated for this procedure and soon after the treatment begins, the animal enjoys the session because the pain subsides. The entire procedure lasts about 10 minutes when treating a cat or a small breed of dog. The treatment often lasts up to 30 minutes for large dog breeds.

Q.) How does laser therapy treatment work to relieve an animal’s pain?

A.) When a veterinarian shines a laser light beam on an animal’s skin where there’s pain, the light energizes the red blood cells, which accelerates the circulation of the blood. This process allows more oxygen and nutrients, that are present in the red blood cells, to heal the affected and painful areas. Nerve sensation also decreases during a treatment, which also helps with pain relief.

Q.) How often does an animal need to have a laser therapy treatment from a veterinarian?

A.) After examining the animal, a veterinarian who specializes in Pet Laser Therapy plans out a treatment schedule. Each animal is different and the number of treatments will vary due to the injury or condition of the pet. Many animals start off having two treatments per week and the number of treatments eventually taper down until the animal is pain free.

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