Common Reasons Why Homeowners Need Household Appliances Repair In Plymouth MA

To keep your household running efficiently, it’s essential that all of your appliances are in perfect working order. If one of your appliances doesn’t seem to be doing its job, or it quits working altogether, contact an experienced company for Household Appliances Repair in Plymouth MA. Below you’ll learn some of the common reasons why major appliances in the home need to be repaired by a certified technician.

Washing Machine

When a washing machine refuses to drain, and you’re left with a washer full of wet clothes and a tub full of-of water, first check the drain hose to make sure that it isn’t kinked. Another possible reason for the problem could be a clog in the drain line. If the drain line isn’t the problem, the pump in the washer may have locked up. As the motor runs and tries to move the pump, this can cause the belt to break.


When dishes are still wet after the dishwasher is finished running, homeowners should first examine the filter and clean it out if it’s clogged. If the water can’t run out of the appliance because the drain is clogged, the dishes will still be wet. The heating element that’s located at the bottom of the dishwasher, helps to dry the dishes by heating up the temperature inside the appliance. If the heating element is burned out, the dishes won’t be dry.


One of the most common refrigerator problems is that it doesn’t keep food and drinks cold enough. Check the temperature dial and position it on a colder setting. If this doesn’t help, the problem may be with the compressor motor. This component is located at the back of the appliance, and it makes a humming noise as it runs. So if your refrigerator is silent, the compressor is probably faulty. When a homeowner has a problem with an appliance, an experienced technician who specializes in Household Appliances Repair in Plymouth MA can get it quickly working again.

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