Common Reasons For Receiving A Ticket

Even the most careful driver has his or her off-days; the shortest moment of distraction can lead to make minor traffic tickets. When you operate your vehicle, you should always pay attention to the road to ensure a safe and legal journey. Each violation has consequences, so you should know about a few common violations that drivers commit.

Running a Red Light

Running a red light can be intentional or by a lack of attention to the road, but it comes with severe consequences. If a policeman pulls you over to give you a ticket, you could have almost $500 in fees alone. As with any moving violation, going through a red light earns points on your license, totaling about 6 points in most states. Some cities even have traffic cameras at intersections to catch violators of this law, making you more likely to receive a red light ticket after committing this violation.


Most of the time, someone speeds to get to their final destination quickly; however, getting stopped by the police often makes you late. Speeding fines range from state to state, but the cost typically starts around $30, multiplying for every 5 miles over the speed limit. Speeding earns you a minimum of two points on your license, if you do not fight the ticket or take a driving class.


A DUI is completely preventable, but many drivers continue to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. The penalties are much more severe for this violation, with fines starting at $500 and sometimes exceeding $2,000. Depending on the severity of the DUI charge, you may receive up to 8 points on your licenses. Some states are even willing to revoke your license for this offense.

Points on Your License

All moving violations earn you points on your driver’s license. While state policies vary, you generally can have up to 12 points assigned to your license before you have it revoked. Once you receive a ticket, you can fight it at traffic court. In the event you win, you will have no points assigned to your license and no fees to pay. You may increase your chances of winning the case by hiring an attorney that is well-versed in traffic laws. However, if you go to court and lose, you must pay the fines by the date the court assigns you. To prevent yourself from receiving a ticket, pay attention to the road and drive defensively at all times.

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