Common Myths About Real Estate In Crested Butte Co.

Most people don’t buy or sell homes all the time. They may do so a few times, depending on their lifestyle and needs, but more than likely, only move once or twice during their adult life. However, it’s amazing how many people think they know real estate in Crested Butte Co., even though they rarely come into contact with it. While the internet has made it much easier to buy and sell, some myths should be debunked.

Higher Prices

Most people think it’s best to set the price higher than what you want to get. It stands to reason that when you get a lower asking price, it will still be reasonable, and you’ll accept. However, if you start out small, and they want to haggle, you’re getting less. However, pricing above market value means you’re not getting noticed at all. Once your home has been on the market for over three weeks, it’s even harder to sell.

Don’t Use An Agent

Almost everyone believes that a real estate agent in Crested Butte Co. ensures that you pay a higher price while the opposite is likely true. When dealing with an agent, their commission is built in. If the owner sells with an agent and you don’t have one, the seller’s agent gets the entire commission.


Sometimes, people think they’ll do better if they sell their home without outside help. While some people have had success, skills are required to know how and when to market, list and negotiate. If you don’t have those skills, you could risk not selling at all, selling for lower prices and end up getting less.


Small things, such as painting and cleaning can help, but renovating the bathroom or kitchen is a mistake. You’re paying a lot of money and may end up getting less because they want to change it again to suit their needs.

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