Commercial and Residential Glass Replacement in Monterey

Every home and commercial building needs glass repair or replacement at some point. Windows are broken and need to be fixed. New requirements for energy efficiency render older windows obsolete. Some home renovations include replacing old doors with newer models that have glass inserts. Sometimes homeowners decide to replace current windows with larger ones, or make the switch to energy efficient windows.

Commercial buildings also need glass professionals. Many office buildings incorporate glass indoors for office doors or conference room walls. Commercial buildings often change occupants and the new companies may have different requirements for office configuration or glass placement. Glass professionals with both residential and commercial experience are especially necessary in California. The state has strict design and energy efficiency requirements that can present a challenge for residential and commercial glass-work.

The Wide Range of Glass Products

Both residential and commercial buildings use glass extensively. All homes have windows and many also incorporate glass into patio or French doors. Homes also use glass for shower doors, cabinet fronts, and even tables or other pieces of furniture. There are so many design choices when it comes to glass replacement, from frosted and patterned glass to seamless curved pieces used for window walls.

Commercial buildings use glass in exterior places like doors, windows, and overhangs. They also have many interior glass fixtures, like office dividers or half-walls in loft areas. Glass is a popular décor choice in office buildings and you can see glass railings on staircases or beautiful glass displays in lobbies and reception areas.

What to Look for in a Company

Glass products are extremely fragile and require highly trained professionals to create and install them. When you are looking for a company for glass replacement in Monterey (or any other area), you need to be sure you find one that is reliable. Replacing windows or installing a new glass conference room, are expensive propositions and you want to make sure the professional you hire is competent.

You can find a glass replacement professional through a web search or by asking architects or general contractors for a recommendation. Most companies have a website with information on the brands they carry as well as photos of previous work.  It’s also good if you can find testimonials from previous customers.

Once you’ve chosen a glass company, you can contact them to begin work on your project. You can talk with professionals about your exact needs and ask for recommendations on brands or design choices. The company will send someone to take all the measurements and details for the project, and then you’ll receive a detailed price quote. Many projects will require specially made pieces, so once all the manufacturing is finished, then installation can begin. Soon you’ll be enjoying beautiful glass in your home or office space.

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