Comforts of Home: Benefits of Renting Serviced Apartments

For many travelers, hotels are seemingly the only affordable accommodation. While it’s true that individuals can often find great deals on hotels, there is an alternative for budget-conscious travelers: serviced apartments. This option provides many comforts of your own home with the convenience of a hotel. Consider some of the following benefits of renting an apartment for your next vacation.


Space is one of the most obvious upsides of renting an apartment, especially if you’re interested in staying for an extended period of time. Unlike most standard hotels, apartments generally have separate living and dining spaces, which creates a homey feel. And if you need the extra space – additional bedrooms and bathrooms – you can often find options that allow for privacy. Instead of being confined to a single room, you’ll be able to relax and unwind, much like you would at home.


While cooking may not be a top priority on your vacation, having a kitchen is still a huge benefit. But if you do plan on making at least one meal, most serviced apartments come fully equipped with utensils and a dining area. Plus, having a refrigerator for storing breakfast food or small snacks can come in handy, and a microwave can be great for leftovers from last night’s meal. Ultimately, having a kitchen provides you with options and flexibility – especially if you have dietary restrictions or eat meals at different times than the locals.


While you can find hotels that will do your laundry, it is often expensive and frustrating, especially if you are on a time-crunch. Generally, serviced apartments come equipped with a free in-house washer and dryer. This is a fantastic benefit for travelers on business trips or for those who like to pack light.


Most affordable hotels are located outside of metropolitan areas – and for travelers, this means wasted time and money on commuting. Conversely, many serviced apartments in Kenya are downtown, meaning that you’re close to top attractions and places of interest. Rather than waste your time getting into town, why not spend your vacation in the heart of the city?


Apartments are generally cheaper than the average hotel room – especially if you’re traveling with friends, coworkers, or family. And when you consider some of the aforementioned benefits – the ability to cook, the free laundry and the money you may save on commuting – the option of renting an apartment starts to make complete sense.

Renting serviced apartments in Kenya can provide travelers with comfort, flexibility and convenience – all at an affordable price. Renting Nelson’s Court Serviced Apartments is a great option for any trip. To know more Visit Website.

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