Comfort on the Road: Auto Heating Repair in Federal Way, WA

You spend a lot of time in your car every week, commuting to and from work or school, going on vacations and weekend excursions, and running errands. It’s important to have a well-tuned heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable on the road. When you need auto heating repair service, look for the best.

Sometimes Windows Aren’t Enough

When the weather is warm and sunny, nothing feels as good as driving with the windows rolled down and fresh air flowing all around you. However, the weather isn’t always this perfect, and sometimes you need more than a rolled down window to stay comfortable. Auto heating repair in Federal Way, WA, done right, will keep your heating system and air conditioning system running so that comfort is only the touch of a button away.

Keeping You Warm and Toasty

Your vehicle’s climate control system uses hot engine coolant to heat the elements of a heater core just like your engine’s cooling system uses the radiator to dissipate heat. As the blower forces air through the heater core, the air is heated and distributed throughout the cabin through vents. Your climate controls turn your input to regulate how much air is flowing through the heater core. When one of these components fails, you need a quality auto heating repair service to diagnose the problem and fix it fast.

Cool, Factory Air

Similar to your heater, your air conditioning system uses power from the engine to cool a cooling element that is supplied with liquid coolant. As warm air flows through the element, it’s warmth evaporates the coolant, and it comes out of the element cold. The cold air is circulated and regulated just like the heat.

When your air conditioning starts to get warm or starts to make excessive noise when you turn it on, take your vehicle to the best in Federal auto heating repair for service. Get your air conditioning system and its controls diagnosed and serviced so you can stay cool in the heat.

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